NBAA 2015 Single Pilot Safety Standdown

Overcoming Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I)

This presentation integrates the core messages of training offered at the NBAA 2015 Single Pilot Safety Standdown on the topic of Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-). The NBAA Video 'Alone in the Cockpit' is integrated into a 90-minute training session by the NBAA Safety Committee.

Your Instructor

Paul Ransbury
Paul Ransbury

APS President & Senior Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) Instructor

Mr. Ransbury’s professional flight experience spans a wide spectrum from general aviation advanced flight instruction and hard-charging unlimited category airshow aerobatic displays to scheduled airlines and military fighter operations. Paul has been developing innovative training techniques and advanced flight training courses for individual pilots, corporate flight departments, government agencies, and aircraft manufacturers for two decades. He is a regular speaker on Upset Prevention and Recovery Training at the Bombardier Safety Standdown, where he and the APS team proudly provide integrated Loss of Control In-flight training solutions for the Bombardier Leading Edge program. In March 2016, Paul was honored to be selected as the NBAA Safety Committee's working group lead for Loss of Control - Inflight (LOC-I), the committee's top safety focus area. In November 2017, he was honored to receive the Dr. Tony Kern Professionalism Award that recognizes individual aviation professionals who have demonstrated their outstanding professionalism and leadership in support of aviation safety in the business aviation industry.

Under Mr. Ransbury's direct supervision in locations in the United States, Canada, Europe and the Middle East, thousands of professional pilots have been successfully trained in standardized UPRT training techniques and mitigation strategies.

Professional Pilot Experience and Qualifications

  • Airline Transport Pilots License
  • Single/Multi-Engine Instrument (US & Canada)
  • Airlines: Airbus A320
  • Tailwheel/Complex/High-Performance Certified
  • 6000+ Hours Aerobatic Experience (3500+ hours in the Extra 300L)

Instructor Qualifications

  • 6-time Master Certified Flight Instructor (CFI)-Aerobatic, and Gold Seal Flight Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) / Multi-Engine Instructor (MEI) / Instrument Instructor Airplane (CFII) / Advanced Ground Instructor (AGI)
  • Past Part 141 Chief Flight Instructor at APS (5 Years)
  • Fighter Weapons Instructor Course Graduate (FWIC)
  • Bombardier Flying Instruction Techniques Course Graduate Military

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