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Advanced Applications of UPRT Principles in High Performance Airplanes

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Learn Advanced Applications of UPRT in High Performance Airplanes

While much of the information needed for operation of a jet aircraft is based on type-specific systems and differences, the same is not true for upset recovery, where the aerodynamic and physical considerations for all aircraft are primarily the same. Taught to a much greater degree of technical detail and accuracy than most type rating courses or operational training, this information complements what you know about your aircraft in the normal envelope by explaining considerations in an unanticipated airplane upset that takes you beyond the envelope you normally fly in.

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Persistent Threat of Loss of Control In-flight and Its Solutions
Awaken to the Deadliest Risk on Every Flight
Capt. Clarke 'Otter' McNeace
Industry-Standardized Nose High/Low Upset Recovery Templates
Applied Techniques and Considerations for all Airplanes
Capt. Clarke 'Otter' McNeace
Applied CRM Concepts in Upset Training
Coordinated Crew Response: A Critical Factor for Upset Prevention and Recovery
Capt. Clarke 'Otter' McNeace
High Performance Jet Operations
Transonic and Sweptwing Aerodynamics Insights
Capt. Clarke 'Otter' McNeace

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